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      So this blog is ment to encourage those who want to
lose weight and become the best they can be physically,
however I have yet to discuss any type of diet or exercise programs
in these blogs. Being a personal trainer it's defiantly not
because I don't find that aspect important enough. Without
it, its impossible to lose the weight. However there is
another component that is important to assist in weight
loss and also maintaining that weight loss and that is...
emotional health.

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Have you ever felt like this? Some of you relate all to well to this! I know I get it... I've
been there! Now let's talk about it, and do something about it!!


      When we refer to overall health we are not just talking
about the physical. There is an emotional component that
has a lot to do with overall health as well. Emotional health is
defined as "feeling emotionally secure and relaxed in everyday
life, allowing yourself to feel feelings and emotions without
suppressing them, over reacting to them, or letting them control
you." Just reading that definition makes you feel secure and
relaxed doesn't it! What a great place that would be...obtaining
emotional health. Well the good news is...it is possible...but it
will take some INTENTIONAL work. 



Recognizing that we even need it. For those of you females
reading this blog, understand that typically females tend to
be more feeling oriented, versus men who tend to be more
thinker oriented. Ladies that doesn't mean you don't have
the ability to think, however it does mean we may make
decisions or act in a certain way because we feel more
than men do. 



We will have to begin to process our feelings. Refer back to
January's blog on exactly how to do that...figuring out how
we feel and why we are feeling that way. 



We have to set things in place for ourselves beforehand
for when we feel triggered...triggered to react versus
respond. For example, one of my triggers is if "I feel someone
is trying to take advantage of me". That feeling can cause me
to react in a conversation. So, when my husbands asks me
to take out the garbage in the mornings, (which is his responsibility
within the house) and  because I predominantly take care of most
of the duties within the house and have delegated that to him, I
feel as though I am being taken advantage of and react to that
request with an argumentative tone, rather than respond. 


        Now...what can you set into place when you feel triggered
to react? I'm so glad you asked!! There are several things you
can do of course depending on the situation. 

Speak to yourself during the initial moments of being triggered and declare I am going to respond not react during this conversation
Count to 10 in your head and take a deep breath
Refrain from folding your arms in a defensive stance, smirking, or rolling your eyes
Remind yourself of your goal...achieving emotional health
If possible, remove yourself from the conversation momentarily


      After you have responded and not reacted you will then
begin to build the confidence and habit of emotional health
and are well on your way. Of course this isn't something that
happens over night, but with time. 


      So, as you begin to practice this new way of living emotionally,
you can say goodbye to a few pounds because you are no
longer going to be turning to food as an emotional response,
or even an emotional crutch, but instead facing the situation
head on, maintaining your cool, and slowly building your
emotional health, making yourself able and ready to face any
situation that comes your way!