If you read last month's blog, you learned that

in order to be confident and secure you CANNOT

 place your security in people or things...such as

your spouse, your children or even what the scales

says. And the reason for that is, it creates an endless

insecurity within yourself and let's be honest...

feeling insecure is one of the most vulnerable, annoying

and uncomfortable feelings to feel! So how do you place

it in YOU? The nice, kind, loving person you are deep

down. For those of you who were like me at one point, 

by placing it in all the wrong places, let's take a look

at just how to re arrange that so we can go out

into this world with confidence. 

How to begin rearranging...

Here is a 4 step process you can practice, everyday,

until you get to a place where it's "just the way you think".

Until you get to a place where you're not reminding

yourself to think this way, but to a place that you

really are thinking this way.

  1. Figure out where you have misplaced your security; for this example

          let's say our weight and what the scale says

      2.  Ask yourself "what do you tell yourself during these situations": 

           For this example what do you tell yourself during a weigh in: I am not good enough, I am fat,

           I will never get this weight off, I'm a failure...and the thoughts go on.

      3. Now replace that thought into something true and something positive;

          For example: I am good enough, I will get this weight off, I am uniquely

          and wonderfully made, I am worthy of loving myself and reaching my life

          long goals. I am more than what my weight says.

       4. Lastly, everyday practice in the mirror and tell yourself this new

           TURE AND LOVLEY thought. It's important to say it out loud, and

           to look yourself in the mirror and do it. Why? SAYING it out loud will

           allow you to begin to believe it, and looking at yourself in the mirror will

           allow you to grow or build a healthy relationship with yourself.

How things will change in your life

By implementing this quick, yet awkwardly uncomfortbale activity you will begin to focus

on the strong, positive, amazing qualities about yourself. And when you

finally are able to see yourself for who you really are, your confidence and

security will grow. And when that grows you will treat your body the way

it deserves to be treated with lots of greens and proteins, and maybe even a nice hot bath,

not the quickest piece of sugar you can find.