CHANGE...that can be a scary word for a lot of people! Why is that? Because it means you have to go against your norm, you have to actively look to do things differently, you have to strategize, you have to confront an issue, you have to step into an unknown territory, and all of this mean you have to get uncomfortable! There it is that state that so many of us run from...being uncomfortable.


Our brains are actually designed to stay away from or protect ourselves from the uncomfortable. Think about when your alarm clock goes off in the morning...if your ANYTHING like me, you immediately go for the snooze button. Why is that? I'm tired and to get up from a tired state is...well...uncomfortable. What I want to do is stay in the bed, with my eyes shut and fall asleep for just 9 more minutes until the next alarm goes off! Now I know I cannot possibly be alone in this torturous morning activity!?

 Man Shutting Off Alarm Clock Man Shutting Off Alarm Clock


Why is it that so many of you WANT to lose weight by implementing diet and exercise into your weekly regimen, but are unable to do so? Yep you got's uncomfortable! And you have trained your brain to do what is most comfortable for you! 


So...for those of you who have a goal to reach, health to regain, or diseases to combat, don't wait until you FEEL like doing it, do it "uncomfortable" and then you will accept those new changes in your life and will actually enjoy them! Yes I did just use the word ENJOY and diet and exercise in the same blog post! It may seem like an oxymoron but I promise you it's not. 


Let me end by sharing with a story from a recent client.

This particular client refused to do cardio because it was wasn't fun, it was boring, and it was hard physically and many of you can relate? Eventually after several months of talking, giving her analogies, new strategies and encouragement and adding it into our last 15 minutes of our training session, she finally made the decision to implement cardio on a regular basis. NOW...a few months later she shared with me that she is actually "enjoying it". It's no longer "uncomfortable" for her, her body has gotten used to it, her brain recognizes it, she feels great afterwards, and now will do even more cardio than requested because she likes it! 


So in order to CHANGE you have to be WILLING to be uncomfortable momentarily and go against the grain of what the norm is. What things are you putting up because you don't want to feel uncomfortable? Now go out there and make the changes within you that you have been desiring!