Is life coaching for you?

Life coaching is an innovative, interactive approach to help you implement healthy eating choices into your lifestyle. Whether it's losing weight or gaining control over food, taking a deeper look into behavior and emotional habits of eating can help uncover the key steps to tackling toxic relationship with food. Let us help you identify and implement your unique game plan to address the underlying issues of emotional dependence on food. 

As certified Life Coaches, we provide tools and resources in-person and online to empower clients all over the world to overcome the control that food can often have over them.  We at Mission Fitness understand and address the scientific and emotional aspects of weight management - so let's work together to discover a better and healthier YOU. 



JILL Murphy's story


"i was able to overcome the addiction i had to food, and now live in freedom."

Jill Murphy, knows exactly what it feels like to have food reign over her life. She struggled for many years with "putting down" the food even when she was full. She knows all too well what it feel likes to have a mental battle with food - literally feeling as though food was calling to her all the time and wherever she went.  Finally - through the proper tools, accountability, guidance and knowledge - she was able to overcome the addiction she had to food. 

Jill now lives in what she describes as " freedom",  coming from what felt like bondage. Today, Jill is a Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer at Mission Fitness and advances the success of her story by coaching others. 

If you or anyone you know struggles with the ability to control food, then this service would be great for you. With the proper tools and steps, you too can gain complete control over food - just like Jill.