Are you looking to get that competitive edge and take your athletic talent to the next level?

Then the Peak Performance Program is for you! Designed by owner of Mission Fitness, Nick Murphy, this program consists of taking each athlete through an one-on-one, high intensity weight training session that brings each level of muscle contraction to momentary muscle failure.  By implementing exercises and philosophies that are traditionally used by professional strength training athletes, each client will be pushing himself or herself to complete failure on each set, within a particular rep range. The result? Achieving the greatest amount of hypertrophy, empowering you to be the strongest athlete you can be on the field or in the ring.

Need to lose a bit of body fat to further your performance?  We'll provide a structured, science-based diet plan to ensure proper protein uptake and optimal release of nutrients to maximize the benefits of hypertrophy. In addition to the personal one on one workout, each athlete will be given a weekly cardiovascular regimen comprised of high intensity interval training (HIIT). These type of cardio workouts will challenge your cardiovascular system like no other, giving you the advantage of excellent stamina, and setting you above the rest of your competitors.