Are you tired of being overweight? Wishing to one day no longer be held back or defined by obesity?

 It's time to turn that wish into a goal - measurable, accountable, and achievable. The War on Weight Loss Program is exclusive to people willing to make a long-term commitment to achieve a healthy goal weight. Because this program is a long-term commitment, we understand and recognize that there may be setbacks. For this reason, it's crucial that Mission Fitness be there every step of the way - by your side on the journey to weight loss. We take the time to not only train you, but motivate and encourage you with sincere support. 

As trainers, we understand that there may be people in this program that may have certain limitations or restrictions.  Because of our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we are able to personalize each program accordingly - keeping clients safe while at the same time maintaining the proper intensity to achieve serious results. Such an approach offers clients the accountability needed for them to succeed and the support required to fully adjust to a new lifestyle of healthy eating and weekly exercise. This program includes one one one personal training, a customized meal plan to fit your weight loss goals, counseling prior to each session to advise on any set backs, challenges or struggles the client may be facing, and a specialized cardio regimen based on your capabilities and schedule. Don't face your weight loss journey alone - let Mission Fitness be by your side.