So it’s that’s time of year again, where we reflect back on the goals of last year and check off the ones we completed and the ones we didn’t complete. And as we scroll through the list and see “weight loss” on there, and again unable to check it off completely we are left feeling discouraged, annoyed and even hopless.

Now, I have been able to overcome the hold that food once had on me. It was hard... very, and it took time...a lot of it...and it took longer than I wanted it too. However I did not give up!

Now as I scroll through my list from last year and begin to smile as I check off the goals from last year that I have been successful with, I come to a screeching hault as I was faced with the SAME GOAL THAT HAS BEEN ON THERE FOR OVER 7 YEARS NOW. At this point I am feeling discouraged and frustrated that I am unable to put a big check next to it once and for all. This goal is to stop picking my nails. An annoying habit I have purposefully tried to overcome for some time now. It got to the point at the end of 2017 that I thought...maybe I just cannot do it. Maybe I’m going to have to accept that it’s just too hard to for me to do? I doubted my ability to do it because I have tried and tried so many times in the past. It was as if I almost gave up, and ALMOST accepted that it was going to be a part of me, which was kind of a foreign idea to me.... But I had felt hopeless and discouraged. The feeling I am sure a lot of you can relate to as you scroll through your list and are unable to check off “weight loss”. I know...I totally get it!

Now after I allowed that hopeless feeling to pass and not fester and build up, I decided that I WILL NOT GIVE UP! If I can overcome an addiction to food I can certainly overcome nail biting! So I adamently added it to my 2018 list of goals for the year, and decided to focus on it yet again. I’m happy to say it’s day 16 and I haven’t picked once! More info on how this miracle has taken place in next month’s blog...

Also what I noticed about people who WANT to lose weight, a lot of them don’t give up either. I recently offered a weight loss challenge at the gym I work at, and I had people reach out to me about joining that have been looking to check “weight loss” off their New Years resolutions list once and for all, despite having it on their there year after year...they haven’t given up either! They don’t give in to the feeling of being discouraged and unhappy, but they rev themselves up yet again for another try at hoping to make that final to the goal: ✔️“lose weight”.

That’s the key to being able to achieve anything...never giving up...despite the odds...despite the difficulty...despite the bad feelings...and despite having failed in the past. So I commend those of you who have added to your list this year...”lose weight” and haven’t given up on yourself!!