So being a personal trainer I have several clients that come in that want to lose weight. And it would be an ideal world if all I had to do was give them a diet to follow, prescribe a little exercise and boom...within weeks or months they have reached their life long goal!! My job would be easy, yet slightly boring, and their life would be complete. If that was the case...every client would succeed 100% of the time, the first time around and the rest would be history!! However giving them the knowledge, having them implement it, and pushing them through a workout just isn't enough. WHY? WHY isn't it enough?

I'm so glad you asked! Because we all come from different places with different experiences and most of us come from a place where we have faced challenges, rejections, hurts and pains. And because of those challenges and pains, life can be hard without the cookie, cake, or pasta we so enjoy.

One thing I often ask clients is: "How do you talk to and treat yourself"?

Do you call yourself and idiot for making a simple mistake? Do you extend grace in a time of hurt? Do you encourage yourself when your feeling down? Do you call yourself a failure when you don't meet the expectation? Do you invalidate yourself when your struggling? Or do you treat yourself as you would a dear friend?


So many of my clients along with myself are guilty of mistreating themselves. However what I have learned was this...I am valuable enough to treat myself with the love and respect I deserve. If your friend continued to call you an idiot for a simple mistakes I vouge to say you may reconsider that friendship and possibly drop them as a friend all together.

So why is it ok to talk to ourselves like that but we wouldn't be ok with others talking to us in that manner. AND...we would never talk to our friends in that manner.

So, seeing as how you guys are smarter than this, let's look to make a change. One way to begin making the adjustment is: When your struggling with a situation look to build up and encourage yourself, when you feel rejected remind yourself of what a great person you are, and when your hurting look to validate and understand yourself.

Now this isn't the answer to weight loss but as you begin to develop a closer more loving relationship with yourself by implanting these valuable tools you will WANT to care for yourself and not ingest the foods that, although they taste delicious, have a list of ingredients a mile long and you cannot even pronounce half the words. You will take the time to drink the water you know you so desperately need, do a workout, go for a walk, buy something nice for yourself, and begin to take time for yourself and great care for yourself.

So take a minute and begin to think of that inner dialogue and make sure it's infested with love and respect, and as you do you will make the right decisions for yourself and your body.