"It’s not your average gym with your average trainers ... your life is so precious and you are worth every bit of it, and with Mission Fitness by your side, you can do this."

My name is Michael Welch and for the last ten years of my life I had struggled with my weight.  I say had because I no longer struggle with my weight and here's my story. 

After being involved in a work related accident 3 years ago I felt that my life was essentially going to be a vicious cycle of continued weight gain, pain, and  depression. I was in so much pain from the accident and the excess weight I just sat at home gaining more and more weight until I peaked at 530 lbs. I felt there was nothing left for me to do I was going to die young and no one could help me. I thought gastric bypass was my next step and my insurance wouldn't even cover it so I was really at my wits end.  The worst part of it all is I have a beautiful wife and three children that depended on me.  I had to stop being selfish and get my act together. 

I began following Ronnie Brower and his 600lbs. to Success page from its start. I  thought to myself,  “Wow this guy is amazing, and he's got more weight to lose than I do!” I continued to watch him and continued to be inspired by him, but was not taking the steps to start myself.  Finally, I reached out to Ronnie. He told me Nick and Jill at Mission Fitness are wonderful people and they can help me. So that's what I did.  

"They treated me like a person -  not just another client."

I began at first emailing with Ronnie and Jill. And then one day  I was finally ready and I walked into Mission Fitness and introduced myself to Nick and Ronnie who were working out , and I simply said, "I NEED HELP!” They treated me like a person -  not just another client. I then set up my first official consultation with Nick , Jill, and my wife Lory. 

It was an emotional experience but an eye opening one, because it truly became on February 6th, 2014 -  the first day of my new life. With the support of my wife I began my journey and I am proud to say as of today I am 15 months (as of May 2015) in and down 247 lbs. with my only 53 lbs. from my ultimate goal of losing 300lbs. Which, if you asked me two years ago, I thought would have been impossible without surgery. 

For anyone that is reading this I truly hope that you take Ronnie as an inspiration. Anyone can do it! Like he says, "Today can be your day one." My best advice is don't put off tomorrow what can be done today. Once you start - never give up and never give in. You truly will thank yourself a year from now. And If you think you’re too big to be in a gym, too disabled, or too uncomfortable -  I will tell you don't ever think that at Mission Fitness.

"It’s not your average gym with your average trainers. They helped shaped me not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well."

Throughout my journey I can honestly say Ronnie was right: Nick and Jill truly are wonderful people that started out as trainers, but have become friends, mentors, coaches, and inspiration along with Ronnie.

Everyone has regrets and reasons of why they haven't started yet, but my final advice is this: don't give up hope. Your life it so precious and you are worth every bit of it, and with Mission Fitness by your side, you can do this.